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Since 1983, Best Supply has been the most trusted interior building supplier serving some of the largest contractors in the Ohio, North Carolina, and Tennessee areas. With a foreseen expansion, Best Supply is prepared to continue thriving in some of the most substantial commercial and residential building areas in the United States. Our overall company objective is to proudly service customers in housing and business building markets. With a full line of boom trucks and a committed team of delivery drivers, Best Supply supports the development of new and rehabbed construction sites. Best has proven to deliver on the promise of having the most ideal customer service in the industry since it’s initial establishment.

While working with Best Supply employees, you can expect more than a welcoming feeling. Our entire team, from salesperson to President, is more than happy to accommodate your new and existing building needs. By getting in touch with our people, you’re establishing the forefront of a successful project. From design specs to finishing touches, Best Supply offers competitive pricing and timely quotes no matter how extensive the job.

As a devoted, private company, Best Supply is set on offering products that not only suit the needs of contractors but also the needs of our environment. With a solid commitment to staying environmentally responsible and respectful, Best Supply offers an array of environmental friendly, building products. By choice, we are followers of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system. To prove our commitment, below are some of the “green” products we sell and how they comply with LEED requirements:

CertainTeed Acoustical Ceiling Tiles: Made from mineral wool, starch, water, and binders including recycled newspaper.

Rockfon Ceiling Tiles: With 34-43% recycled content, Rockfon ceiling tiles are made from stone wool. (Yes! You read that correctly; stone wool. The process is amazing. To watch it click here.)

National Gypsum Drywall: The drywall we distribute is made of byproduct calcium sulfate (AKA gypsum). The original material is sent through a process to remove sulfur dioxide (toxic gas) and once it’s eliminated gypsum is created. And then — to your building benefit — drywall is made.

Owens Corning Insulation: This product is made of a minimum of 20% recycled waste.

ClarkDietrich Steel Framing: As steel is recyclable, ClarkDietrich makes certain to always recycle 100% of steel waste in its cold-formed process “every day at every plant.”

Let us help you minimize your man hours and maximize profit. Whether it be a fifth story, or a basement delivery, builders trust us in getting their product literally on the job without causing harm to any of the construction components. Find a location nearest you and request a quote so we can start servicing your next project!

Call your nearest Best Supply and become an appreciated part of the family today!

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