Specialty Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon Specialty Ceiling Tiles

As a provider of unique specialty ceiling tiles, there's no doubt Rockfon has a superior advantage over competitors. After purchasing Chicago Metallic, Rockfon was able to provide its customers with an array of not only acoustic stone wool and metal ceiling solutions but also specialty suspension systems. Rockfon is also a branch of ROCKWOOL International A/S, the world's largest producer of stone wool products, based out of Denmark.

ROCKWOOL has been present in North America through a stone wool insulation leading manufacturer called Roxul Inc. for the past 20 years. What makes Roxul, ROCKWOOL and Rockfon different than it's competitors? Their factories use world-class technology to produce the products our contractors are set on using in both residential and commercial building products. With facilities in Milton, Ontario (East), Grand Forks, British Columbus (West) and Marshall County, Mississippi (South), Rockfon is able to cater to contractors needs all across the world.

With a raw material like stone wool that's only found in Rockfon products, the uniqueness of acoustic ceiling tiles and performance advantages is made famous by the material and its production process. With a reliable recipe for success and ceiling materials, Rockfon stone wool products are made from volcanic rock, or basalt. Stone wool has no nutritional value therefore it cannot create harmful micro-organisms giving it its superiority to competitors.

Rockon says, "We believe our acoustic stone wool and metal solutions for ceilings and walls are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable and safe spaces." Because of the base material, Rockfon products are preventative to the spreading of fire. "They are our way of making a constructive contribution towards a sustainable future."


Below are some of the most favored acoustical ceiling tiles for commercial and residential building projects. For more information on individual tiles and a close up view of each type of tile, click the product name.


  • Artic- NRC = .75 CAC = 23 Artic has a smooth, white surface with a high fire performance rating. It's very easy to install, available in square lay-in and tegular ceiling tiles. You'd find Artic in basic, sanitary areas.
  • Alaska- NRC = .90 CAC = 22 Rockfon Alaska ceiling tiles contain up to 39% recycled content.
  • Alaska dB- NRC = .85 CAC = 35 Alaska dB is fire class-A rated with a light reflenctancy of .86, can be vacuum cleaned and sag resistant to 100% humidity.
  • Cinema Black- NRC = .85 - .95 CAC = n/a Cinema Black is a factory painted glass scrim ceiling tile. It's extremely high sound absorbency, high fire performance rating and clean look allows for it's appearance in large, loud areas including theatres, auditoriums and restaurants.
  • Color-all- NRC = .85 CAC = 22 Color-all ceiling tiles are ideal for projects in need of an extra pop. With 34 colors in six themes including citytones, natural, sensorial, energetic, precious and sophisticated tones, all of your color needs for schools, leisure areas, foyers, waiting rooms and more are available with Rockfon color-all ceiling tiles. 
  • Hygienic Plus- NRC = .90 CAC = 22 Hygienic Plus ceiling tiles have a low particle emission for better air cleanliness making them suitable for clean room environments. With a superior sound absorption to its competitors, a high fire performance rating and a light reflectency of .83, Hygienic Plus is ideal for sanitary environments like bathrooms, kitchen and food prep areas, locker rooms, restaurants and cafeterias, labs and clean rooms.
  • Island- Rockfon's Island ceilings are ideal for creating dimension and excitement throughout a room no matter the size. While using visual pipes to create an industrial appeal, islands are able to add the necessary sound absorption while adding a modern, sleek look. 
  • Koral- NRC = .85 CAC = 22 Rockfon Koral ceiling tiles are ideal for open-plan offices, classrooms, retail shops, kitchens, food preparation areas, industrial areas and corridors. 
  • Pacific- NRC = .60 CAC = n/a Rockfon Pacific ceiling tiles are an economic solution with basic sound absorption and a smooth, white surface. If your building requires something at low cost but still durable, Pacific is the type of ceiling tile you're seeking.
  • Sonar- NRC = .95 CAC = 22 Sonar ceiling tiles are durable with a micro-textured surface. They're designed for classrooms and open areas where noise levels are high and in need of absorption. A large number of design options are offered with Sonar ceiling tiles. Without holes and fissures, you're able to get the same sound absorption you would with them. 
  • Tropic- NRC = .85 CAC = 22 With a high-ranking light reflectancy of .86, a smooth surface and options in both square lay-in and tegular tiles, Tropic ceiling tiles are ideal for open office plans, single offices, classrooms and retail settings.