Metal Stud & Track

Metal Stud & Track

Best Supply offers a huge variety of metal and structural framing accessories, studs, clips and more. Best is proud to supply your project needs with ClarkDietrich, Marino Ware, Telling Industries, MBA, Simpson Strong Tie and The Steel Network products.



ClarkDietrich is a highly rated, sought after building systems production company of steel products and services including interior and exterior framing, interior finishing, floor and roof framing, clips, connectors, metal laths, accessories and more. ClarkDietrich prides itself on creating innovative products for all commercial and residential projects.


Marino/WARE is a manufacturer of metal framing that believes in quality products and service training as well as cutting down labor costs. Products from Marino/WARE are designed for quick and easy installation.

Telling Industries

As a manufacturer of metal framing and accessories, Telling Industries has been producing quality product lines since 2004. Telling keeps their products new and innovative by maintaining an active roll in the Steel Framing Industry Association year after year.

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie began on an ordinary day because someone needed a solution to connect 2x4s to a roof. A joist hanger and Simpson Strong-Tie were both created that day. Today, Simpson is the world leader in structural product solutions including shearwalls, moment frames, products for infrastructure and commercial and industrial construction, adhesives and fasteners. 

The Steel Network

The Steel Network, otherwise known as TSN, is a well established contributor to the steel manufacturing industry. TSN's mission is to create the most elite products in the industry while maintaining a family forward approach in their work environments. 


  • ClarkDietrich Clip Express- Clip Express is a service that includes hundreds of clips and connectors to choose from for your low-cost to high-performance needs.
  • Marino/WARE QuickFrame- QuickFrame is a fast and easy rough opening system used to minimize labor costs. Use QuickFrame headers, clips and sills to complete your project in record time with simple application and pre-drilled holes for clips.
  • Marino/WARE JoistRite- JoistRite is rated highest in its class for it's strength-to-mass ratio of the "C" section design. The difference between JoistRite and other products are both its superior fire and acoustic properties that exceed expectations of comparable products.
  • Marino/WARE FrameRite- The FrameRite design process was specifically created to limit your installation time and labor costs while maintaining a strong, structured building frame.
  • Telling Industries Structural Studs- Telling's studs can be configured to the sizes that fit your project needs.
  • Telling Industries Structural Track- Framing products from Telling are made with the highest-grade galvanized steel available in a "C" shape and used for curtain walls, axial load-bearing walls, floor joists and roof truss applications.
  • Simpson Strong Tie Structural Framing Clips and Accessories-   
  • The Steel Network Studs, Clips, Track & Accessories- The Steel Network offers a wide variety of clip product lines for your project needs. They include VertiClip, VertiTrack, BridgeClip, StiffClip, DriftClip, SigmaStud, standard studs and more.
  • MBA Studs, Track & Accessories- At Best Supply you can find a variety of metal studs, track and accessories including drywall and structural studs, ProStud product lines, jam and header systems, resilient channels and more.