Joint Compound

Joint Compound

Joint compound, otherwise known as drywall compound, is gypsum dust mixed with water to form mud used as a finishing accessory to drywall panels. It's essential use is to turn drywall panels into one, entire finished panel by combining drywall sheets and hiding joints. At Best Supply, we offer both USG and National Gypsum joint compound products. 


As a leading producer of gypsum in North America, USG has spent over 100 years building up the credibility and innovative building technology made necessary by the construction industry. By staying creative and innovative, USG has continued to manufacture and distribute construction solutions for the largest of commercial buildings to the smallest of remodels and residential buildings. They currently hold over 1,100 patents for innovative building technologies and materials. USG believes in practicing safety first and believes in innovation, integrity, service, efficiency, diversity and quality and treats its nearly 6,600 with each of these admirable qualities.

National Gympsum

National Gypsum has been one of the largest leaders in producing building products and has been recognized for customer service and product quality since 1925. As a certified GREENGUARD compliant, National Gypsum believes in keeping an economically respectful promise to contractors everywhere. National Gypsum complies with all standards to meet green program requirements and gain contractors LEED points for all types of projects. With a full line of ecofriendly, indoor air quality ProForm finishing products of drywall mud and ready mix, National Gypsum and Best Supply are able to supply you with your building project needs.

Joint Compound Stocked at Best Supply:
  • USG Sheetrock- USG Sheetrock is a ready mix joint compound, or drywall compound, that can be applied by hand or mechanical tool. It specifically pairs well on USG Sheetrock Brand Mold Tough Gypsum Panels, when embedding USG Sheetrock Brand Paper Joint Tape and when hiding fasteners or USG Sheetrock Brand Corner Bead and Trim. Sheetrock as a hard finish surface material is ideal for any building situations in which your project calls for applying drywall filling and finishing coats, embedding tape, skim coating drywall surfaces, hand-applying textures and repairing cracks in drywall or plaster. For an ideal application process, Sheetrock must be stored between 55-95 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be thinned for a smoother and easier application by adding half pints of clean water at a time. USG recommends trial-applying and remixing until you’ve reached your ideal thickness and not mixing with any other materials. Once the first layer of Sheetrock is applied, you should sand lightly. Dry trowel or scrape the second layer. Sheetrock is GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions during application.
  • National Gypsum ProForm- ProForm All Purpose Joint Compound is a professional, easy application ready mix formula made of vinyl that provides an excellent bond to drywall, gypsum and other building materials. All Purpose is specifically designed to accompany embed tape applications, covering fasteners, skims and textures, filling trim or corner beads, repairing cracks in drywall or plaster and joint finishing on gypsum board. National Gypsum ProForm is a product category of joint compound products and All Purpose is one of its ready mix products. ProForm includes an assortment of ultra light-weight, lightweight, mid-weight and standard weight compounds. ProForm also offers ready mixes in XP with Dust Tech, Taping, Multi-Use, Lite Blue, XP Lite with Dust-Tech, Topping, Texture Grade and Quick-Set Lite. ProForm All Purpose, Topping and Lite Blue are each stocked at Best Supply. Any other ProForm products can be special ordered.