As a commercial and residential construction supply company, Best Supply is a proud partner in the creation and remodeling of building projects no matter the size. At Best, we know that while the size of your project may call for a ton of material, it may also call for various types. Our shelves are fully stocked with all of your spec needs including an array of fasteners, screw, nuts and bolts by GRABBER, Powers and Ramset. You can find fastener product information that we carry below.


As a thriving distributor of construction supplies for the last 50 years, GRABBER has focused on producing the best quality products for your construction needs. They are a leading distributor of construction equipment, drywall tools and materials, power drives, caulks and adhesives, accessories, fasteners and screws in which they've been recognized as the best in the business. The GRABBER screw and fastener options Best Supply carries are nearly endless.


Powers Fasteners is a superior manufacturing and distribution company for products including mechanical anchors, adhesive anchoring systems and powered forced-entry systems such as gas fastening systems. PF has been an established contributor to the construction industry since 1921 and continues to create new and innovative ways to save time and labor costs.


Following being founded in 1948, Ramset has since been a superior creator of gas and power actuated tools and fastening systems for your project needs. From the beginning, Ramset has been deemed "problem solver of the construction fastening industry."

Fasteners Most Projects Call For: