Beads & Trims

Trim-Tex Beads & Trim

For 46 years, Trim-Tex has been a well-known, highly rated manufacturer of drywall supplies. With a constant development of new products, Trim-Tex stays in the game as a leading manufacturer. As a company that stays true to its environmentally friendly beliefs, Trim-Tex beads qualify for multiple LEED points. Their product line of vinyl beads are produced with at least 70% recycled content.

Within its manufacturing process, Trim-Tex says, “over 99% of our punch outs and out of spec products are recycled into top quality finished goods.” On top of the consistent measures taken to keep environmentally friendly products, they have established a recycling program in place for all corrugated, paper, skids, and steel used in operations. As a goal to reduce waste, Trim-Tex created a full line of layering beads allowing you to turn drywall waste into interior upgrades. The vinyl beads associated with Trim-Tex will never rust therefore capable of lasting the lifetime of your building. Trim-Tex says they’re especially, “excellent for ocean front hotels and developments.”

Top Rated Beads & Trim:
  • Mud Set Beads- These beads are made from high impact rigid, PVC and combined with mud lock technology. They’re deemed the world’s strongest beads.
  • Bumper Bead System- Trim-Tex says the system, “is an innovative new flush fitting Bumper Corner Bead & Bumper Guard solution that provides floor to ceiling impact protection.” Some features include no bulges, no gaps, installation flush with the wall allowing baseboard to be flat and tight and easily blended into the wall and ensuring a clean straight edge. The Bumper Bead System can be found in 16 standard colors including burgundy, bronze, brown, sandalwood, silk, silver grey, pearl, white sand, grey, pewter, silver, white, navy blue, blue lagoon, hunter green and black.
  • Vinyl Beads- Aside from being extensively eco-friendly, vinyl beads are high impact, dent, rust and mold resistant. They have over 200 product solutions, no scuffing or blistering, no job-site waste from bent, twisted or damaged metal corner bead. 
  • Architectural Reveals- Alongside a beautiful look, architectural reveals are available in a wide variety of widths and depths. Trim-Tex says, “The properties of rigid vinyl allow the reveals to form around curved walls with the additional benefit of 1/8 of built-in expansion." Trim-Tex Architectural Reveals are half the cost of aluminum reveals with twice the benefits.
  • Step A Bull- Creation of decorative columns, soffits and niches are available by use of Step A Bull beads. Trim-Tex says, “Use 350 Step A Bull to prevent inconsistent shadows that can occur from over-sanding a regular bullnose.” The use of these beads creates a logical point for transition of paint color.
  • Crown Moldings- By combining crown moldings with decorative L Beads and layers of drywall you’re able to create the look of endless design possibilities. Some of the renowned features include seamless beauty and no nail holes.
  • Bullnose Beads- The largest selection of bullnose corner beads and accessories in the industry are available at Trim-Tex. 

More from the Trim-Tex bead and trim lines includes Flex Grid Angle, L.E.D. Light Bead, Chamfer Beads and Decorative L-Beads.