Access Panels

Cendrex Access Panels

While essential building needs of both commercial and residential projects include electrical wiring, breaker switches, plumbing, furnace areas and more, having the unpleasant view of these basic building necessities is not an option we prefer. Many years ago the solution to hiding such objects and spaces was fabric or curtains. Since then, the industry and Cendrex have come a long way in designing sleek and impactful access doors to do the same work with a modern look.

Cendrex was founded in 1985. The access panels have become of service to distributors mostly in North America. Cendrex general purpose access doors, roof access doors, and floor hatches have come in handy for contractors on every type of job site. Cendrex is proud of and holds true to its ‘kaizen’, the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement, method of thinking.

Cendrex says it “has enabled Cendrex to become the most flexible and accommodating company in its field. As a result, the company offers unparalled products and services to better fulfill the needs of its clients within the construction industry.”

As one of the one very important needs of its clients, Cendrex access products contribute directly to obtaining points for LEED certification. Cendrex says they are, "incorporating sustainability strategies at all levels through an on-going commitment to reduce waste and increase efficiency."

General Purpose Access Doors:
  • CTA- The CTA doors are revolutionary and adjustable. They adjust to 1.5” in width and height to fit opening sizes that accommodate your needs. Features of the CTA access doors include a magnetic latch and hidden flange for a concealed look. They’re adjustable to the size of the opening which Cendrex says offers “a flush-mounted, metal panel that is durable and versatile.” The installation process is quick, easy and in need of very few tools. The CTA access door comes in two models; one containing a screwdriver lock and one without. With a CTA access panel you’re sure to hide the industrial look of wires with a smooth, modern one.
  • CTR- Cendrex says, “The CTR is the newest generation of all-purpose access doors.” While easily installed, CTR panels also blend into all non-rated surfaces. With a special, European type hinge, the door (even with beveled edges) is easily closed over the flange and avoids any additional labor to mud or plaster over it. Cendrex says, “The CTR features a truly cohesive appearance due to its well-integrated design of concealing the space between the panel and the flange.”
  • AHD- This particular access door is made with 16 gauge cold rolled steel. The door is unique as it prevents sagging when compared to the flat door panels. It bears rounded corners, concealed pin hinge and 3/8” return around the door. Cendrex calls it, “the sturdiest door on the market.”
Fire Rated Access Doors:
  • PFI- This particular access door is insulated with 2” thick mineral wool. It can be used on both fire rated walls and ceilings. Its 1” flange makes for easy flush installation. The door is self-closing and self-locking once situated.
  • PFU- The PFU is for fire rated ceilings only. Per fire certification standards, the door panel falls back by law of gravity into its locked position. Cendrex says, “holding the door open while climbing through it becomes much easier with no springs to deal with.”
  • PFN- As the PFN access door is not insulated, it is only able to be used on fire rated walls. This access door is also self-closing and self-locking. Cendrex says, “It should not be used in situations where protection against temperature elevation is required.”
Other doors types Cendrex offers are as follows:

Recessed access doors, specialty access doors, cabinets/valve boxes, security access doors, floor hatches, roof hatches, odd size doors and custom doors.